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About us

We established since 2016, started from little equipments into functional equipments that are ready to serve your needs. We, Fuchen took every small detail as a compiling stone of success and see it as the ultimate goal of satisfaction of customer's expectation and qualities. For us, quality, trust, after sale service and pioneer is what make us today, while maintaining in a reasonable and budget price that could make every partner we work for satisfy.


We have all the equipments that could satisfy your need, with the economy of scale, and the major company in Thailand that offers product family of bio-degradable hotel amenities. We are able to produce every product you need with a competitive price and quality.

We always focus on how we could help environment by minimize negative environment impact to our society. No only because maintaining healthy environment is essential for us, but also people in the next generation. Therefore, bio-degradable material such as toothbrush made from wood, and starch rice, as well as showercap, comb for hotel that is made from wood and starch rice. Bio-Degradable approach is our main focus in the business and industry. By keep educating our customers to transform the way of traditional thinking into new way ot eco-friendly thinking. From the package to accessories itself, all of it are able to bio-degrade in short amount of time.

Improving is our guts and instinct, by using the Japanese method of maintaining and Kaizen (improving) factory. We are able to find out the production method that is budget friendly, fast delivery while improving our qualities.

This is our story,


We would not change and we would not let you dissapointed, because we are “Fu chen”.

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